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at Carlsbad Unified School District

Pay: $17.97 to $21.85/hour
$17.97 - $21.85
Posted: 11/1/2019
Job Status: Part Time,Contract/Temporary
Job Reference #: 2438894
Keywords: clerical, office

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Position Details

This is an open and promotional recruitment to establish an eligibility list to fill vacancies for the the 2019-2020 school year. These positions will start with the 2019-2020 school year on August 28, 2019. The eligibility list will also be used for substitutes to work on an on-call, as needed basis, and to fill any vacancies which may occur within a period of one year, or until depleted. Vacancies in this classification work from 3.5 - 6 hours per day. 

The recruitment process will consist of a training and experience evaluation and a structured interview, which will be scheduled on an ongoing basis during Summer 2019. 


Under the direction of an assigned administrator, assist certificated staff in reinforcing instruction to individual or small groups of special education students with significant aggressive and/or other behavioral difficulties in a classroom setting, job site and/or community based program; assist students with daily living activities and developing behavioral skills; perform a variety of instructional support activities to assist students in learning curriculum.

Essential Duties and Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Assist certificated staff by providing academic support to students with autism and/or special education students with significant behavioral difficulties in a classroom setting, job site and/or community based program; confer with certificated staff concerning lesson plans and site materials to meet student needs; assist with the implementation of lesson plans and instructional activities; observe and track academic progress and behavior of students and provide updates to assigned teacher.

Attend to and intervene during student cycles of aggressive or behavioral outbursts to ensure student and classroom safety; observe and control behavior of students in the classroom according to approved procedures; enforce appropriate student behavior and ensure student understanding of classroom rules; monitor students during outdoor activities, recess, eating, field trips, job site visits and various other activities as assigned; assist students in the development of social skills; assist students by answering questions and by providing proper examples and behavioral guidance.

Assist certificated staff in the implementation of Individualized Education Plans (I.E.P.) and related goals and objectives, providing support to students with meeting IEP goals and objectives, monitoring student progress, and adapting, accommodating, and modifying classroom and homework assignments to meet individual student needs and reinforce learning activities; assist nonverbal students with using assistive devices to provide alternative forms of communication.

Assist students with performing and developing daily living and behavioral skills; assist students with eating activities, including tube feeding as needed; toilet students and change diapers and soiled clothing of students at all age levels (i.e. ages 3 to 22) as needed; assist students with personal hygiene such as bathing and grooming; assist with lifting and moving students as needed.
Accompany and assist students in mainstreamed classes as assigned without disrupting classroom activities; take notes for students as needed; escort students to and from buses and classes; push student wheelchairs and assist with walkers; lift students in and out of wheelchairs; assist students on and off buses.

Monitor and assist students at varying levels of ability with completing assignments and educational activities; explain and ensure student understanding of classroom assignments and homework instructions; administer and monitor students during tests as required.

Support certificated staff by assisting students with physical therapy, developing motor skills, positioning and related exercises, utilizing adaptive equipment, and developing independent walking and mobility skills; assist and interact with students during physical education activities.

Read to students and assist students with reading activities, and observe their reading abilities; assist students with letter and word pronunciation and recognition; assist students with spelling and writing exercises and assignments.

Assist students in a work transition program with the development of social, vocational, communication, etiquette and job searching skills; provide job coaching; assist students with utilizing public transportation; adapt work/job site to student ability; ensure employers of student understanding and ability to perform job tasks.

Provide classroom support by setting up work areas and displays, and distributing and collecting paper, supplies and materials.

Assist students with operating computers and utilizing software and internet applications.

Perform a variety of clerical duties in support of classroom activities such as preparing, typing, duplicating and filing instructional materials, scoring student tests and assignments, recording grades and taking and recording attendance, and maintaining various records related to student progress reports, IEP goals, and behavioral tracking; assist with scheduling meetings, appointments and services as assigned.

Ensure the health and safety of students by following health and safety practices and procedures; maintain classroom and other assigned areas in a safe, orderly and clean manner.

Provide medical assistance and health care to special education students as assigned; administer first aid and CPR according to established procedures as needed; assist students with other health care activities as required.

Attend and participate in various meetings, conferences and in-services as assigned.


Perform related duties as assigned.


Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) theories and practices used with students with aggressive and disruptive behaviors.
Discrete Trial Training and Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication related handicapped Children (TEACCH) methods.
Mathematics, language arts and other academic subjects.
Methods of addressing and correcting student behavior.
Guidance principles and practices related to students with special education needs.
Problems and concerns of students with special needs.
Safe practices in classroom activities.
Subjects taught in District elementary or secondary schools.
Basic instructional methods and techniques.
Classroom procedures and appropriate student conduct.
Operation of standard office and classroom equipment including a computer and assigned software.
Oral and written communication skills.
Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.
Correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.
Record-keeping and filing techniques.
First aid and CPR procedures.


Take initiative in beginning tasks and following them through to completion.
Use critical thinking and innovation to solve problems.
Handle stressful situations with tact and professionalism.
Work interactively as a team member.
Adapt to a variety of situations and environments.
Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others.
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
Understand and relate to students/adults with special needs.
Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
Operate standard office and classroom equipment including a computer and assigned software.
Lift and carry students as assigned by position.
Demonstrate ability to be dependable.

Entrance Qualifications


Valid First Aid and CPR Certificate issued by an authorized agency.


NCLB Option 1: Completion of at least 48 semester units of study at an accredited college or have obtained an Associates (or higher) degree. (Copies of transcripts must be submitted along with the application materials.)

Selection Process/Additional Information

Candidates who meet the minimum requirements, as demonstrated in their application materials, will be required to successfully complete a competitive testing process to measure the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform the essential functions of the job, which may consist of a written examination, a training and experience evaluation, a performance examination, and/or structured oral interviews. The candidates achieving the top three ranks of the appropriate eligibility list will be referred for a final selection interview. The Eligibility List resulting from this examination may be used to fill vacancies in related job classifications for which no Eligibility List exists (Ed Code 45272).

Carlsbad Unified School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer